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Wellness Wednesday: Elderberry Use

ELDERBERRY USE:  Elderberry is an antiviral, antibiotic and full of antioxidants and vitamins.  Study after study has proven elderberry use to be an immune booster and virus fighter. Even conventional medical sites have instructions for using elderberry to treat cold, flu, and respiratory illnesses.     I have posted 4 great …

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Hello world!

Here you will find the ramblings of a Crunchy, Christian, Hippie, Witch-Doctor, Medicine Woman, as I try my best to treat my family and any illness they may encounter, as naturally as possible. Join me as I journey through our wonderful world, seeking out real foods, healthy lifestyles, and God …

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The Crunchy Trail : Mile 1- Step 1

Our first mile is going to be the most challenging for many, require the most changes, and take the largest amount of effort and concentration.  This is a VERY steep part of the trail so we are going to take small steps and rest often. 

This part of the hike cannot be completed quickly, one can’t run on this part of the trail, there is no speed walking; slow and steady is the pace, one step at a time, one foot in front of the other.  There will be trip hazards, falls, tumbles, don’t worry, just get up and keep going. Allow yourself  rest stops,  wandering room, and escape routes.  Together we WILL get to the top. 🙂  Grab a bottled water, lace up those shoes and let’s get going.

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The Crunchy Trail : Mile 1

New to the “Crunchy” life? New to real foods? New to alternative medicine? New to herbal remedies? Don’t know where to begin? I want to help you!

Today I will begin a series, that with much prayer and a few late nights, I might be able to keep up with. Ya’ll pray too if you don’t mind!

This series will be a hike down a long but adventurous trail; “The Crunchy Trail” we will explore what it means to be “Crunchy” and small simple steps you can take to get your family headed down a more natural and healthy path.

Not everyone will hike as far as others.  What works for one, will not necessarily work for another.  However there is bound to be something that will  help you live a more natural, healthy lifestyle.

So even if it is only one short mile you hike with me, I promise, that like any nature hike, you will see beauty and reap the benefits of that mile traveled.

So come hike with me as we explore the easy, flat, wide valleys, the steep, difficult mountainous climbs,  and the peaceful breathtaking overlooks of “The Crunchy Trail”.

This post will be one of the longest of the series:

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