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Wellness Wednesday: Importance of Vitamin D3

D3, it is probably the best thing you can do for your body and your health; especially in the cold winter months.

 Below are  many links to articles about the importance of Vitamin D3 in preventing colds and flu. Also I have included how our family uses Vitamin D3 on a daily basis. 🙂 

Common Questions this year. 

How do you dose your family? How much D3 should a person take?  Can you overdose on D3?

Remember, I am NOT a doctor, I am not a medical professional. I am relaying to you what I do for my family.  What you do for your family is up to you and at your own discretion.  Please talk to YOUR doctor before starting any vitamins and evaluate all risks.  Kiser Ridge Farm and all persons associated with Kiser Ridge Farm take NO responsibility for any actions you take after reading our informative blog. 

Recommended daily dose of vitamin D3 is 35ius/ per pound of body weight/ per day. 

First things first?  How much is too much?  The link below has some great information and a helpful chart that shows just how much it takes to overdose on Vitamin D.  

Am I Getting Too Much D3?

Here is the dosing schedule we use.  You can divide this out however you want.   We use this dosing during cold and flu season. It can take up to 3 months to establish good levels so starting as soon as school starts back and keeping it up until school is out is normally a good rule of thumb. We do not take in during the summer months, instead we get sun exposure with no sunscreen each day. However if you work indoors during the summer or do not spend a lot of un-sun-screened, skin exposed time in the sun, then you should probably take D3 all summer too  If we become sick, or someone around us becomes sick during the summer we will take a dose of D3 for a week or two. 🙂 

This is the product we use: There is also a link to the elderberry we use during flu season.  Below this is the dosage we use for D3.  Elderberry follow the package instructions. 
My 20lb infant should get 700ius per day of D3 
(20lbs x 35 ius= 700 ius)
That is 4,900ius per week 
(700ius  per day x 7  days in a week= 4,900ius per week).  
I give him one of our 5,000iu capsules every Sunday. 

My 60lb 8 year old should get 2,100 ius per day 

(60lbs x 35ius= 2,100 ius) 
That is 5,000ius every 2.3 days.   
(5,000iu tablets divided by 2,100ius per day = 2.3 days ) 
So to keep things simple, I give him one 5,000iu capsule every Mon, Wed, Friday. 

My 118lb, 13 year old should get 4,130 ius per day.  
I round that to 4,000ius per day which equals 28,000ius per week
so if I give her 5,000ius 6 days per week then she is getting 30,000 per week but skipping Sunday is taking up the space of the extra 2,000 per week.
So I give her 5,000ius/ 6 days per week.  Skipping Sunday.  

My 200lb husband and big boys get 5,000 daily, some days they take 10,000ius to fill in for the extra. 

I am 146lbs I take 5,000ius to 10,000ius per day depending on situation.  Women over 25 tend to run low.   

By dosing our vitamin D3 this way I only have to buy one bottle of 5,000iu D3 for the entire family. Which means I can buy in bulk and save. 🙂 More bang for my buck.   You can buy different strengths and dose daily if you prefer.  

2 Stories of when it worked for us. 

2 years ago, during Christmas break, we got out of the habit of taking our D3, school resumed but we never resumed our dosage.  Except K1 who was 15 at the time, he kept taking his every morning.  Dad brought the flu home on Valentine’s Day (yeah I know, he is the most romantic fellar)Within 2 days,  3 of the  kiddos, myself, and the in-laws had it.  Flu test confirmed Flu A & B for Dad and Flu B for the kiddos. EXCEPT K1 who had never quit his D3.   I had started everyone except Dad and the in-laws on high dose D3 the day Dad came home sick.  The kiddos and myself on the high dose D3 were back up in running in 4 days or less and I never stopped being able to care for everyone else.   K1 never showed the first sign.  Dad & the in-laws were down for over 2 weeks. :/

This past June 2014, Dad came home sick, very sick on a Wednesday night, he had been kind of cruddy all week with what we thought was allergy type stuff, but this night he had a HIGH temp and body aches .  He stayed home from work on Thrusday, took some D3, elderberry and vitamin C and returned to work on Friday feeling some better.  Friday he took D3 again.  Saturday he felt pretty good.  Sunday he became EXTREMELY ill, and we ended up in the ER for what we thought was pneumonia ( I should add here that he had been pressure washing our hog lot on the Saturday before symptoms started so we were thinking he had inhaled some poop mist.)  He has never been to the doc except 3 times and NEVER to the ER, so I was certain he was dying when he agreed to go.  At the ER he presented with a temp of 104.9 they  checked for and treated for  pneumonia.  When the chest xray was clear and several other tests came back negative they finally did a flu test. GREAT I have a 5 week old in my arms, 4 other kids at home, and two elderly people.  Monday morning the  5 week old wakes me up at 3 am with a high temp.  Off to the doc, POSITIVE flu test.  Home to give 5,000ius to the 5 week old, and everyone else.  HONESTLY, the 5 week old baby had a fever for less than 24 hours and NO OTHER symptoms.  NOTHING!!  The only treatment was TONS of prayer, lots of Mommy milk and D3, 5,000ius for 3 days in a row.  


Links about the importance of D3. 

Can Vitamin D Prevent the Flu?

Vitamin D The Flu Fighter
Read all the way to the end.  Great Research.

Vitamin D Council. TONS of useful D links.

A Study with a .gov url for the doubters

Natural News Info

WebMD “Low Vitamin D Levels Linked to Colds” 
This article relates information just being released about low vitamin D levels and increased pulmonary diseases.

Dr. Oz on Swine Flu Prevention
“Take Vitamin D
Vitamin D is produced in the body during exposure to sunlight. During the winter we tend to get less exposure so vitamin D supplements are recommended. People who take vitamin D supplements have better luck avoiding the seasonal flu; there is no reason to think that it won’t do the same for H1N1 virus. Flu outbreaks tend to occur in places where solar radiation is low.”

Medical News Today    and  Epidemic Flu
Long articles, but great read. Both included the same study, which discusses pandemic and epidemic flu out breaks, and then gives an account of what happened during a mental hospital flu epidemic on the wing where patients were given vitamin D supplements daily. The following is a quote from the article:

“In the paper, we propose that vitamin D explains the following 14 observations:
1. Why the flu predictably occurs in the months following the winter solstice, when vitamin D levels are at their lowest,
2. Why it disappears in the months following the summer solstice,
3. Why influenza is more common in the tropics during the rainy season,
4. Why the cold and rainy weather associated with El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO), which drives people indoors and lowers vitamin D blood levels, is associated with influenza,
5. Why the incidence of influenza is inversely correlated with outdoor temperatures,
6. Why children exposed to sunlight are less likely to get colds,
7. Why cod liver oil (which contains vitamin D) reduces the incidence of viral respiratory infections,
8. Why Russian scientists found that vitamin D-producing UVB lamps reduced colds and flu in schoolchildren and factory workers,
9. Why Russian scientists found that volunteers, deliberately infected with a weakened flu virus – first in the summer and then again in the winter – show significantly different clinical courses in the different seasons,
10. Why the elderly who live in countries with high vitamin D consumption, like Norway, are less likely to die in the winter,
11. Why children with vitamin D deficiency and rickets suffer from frequent respiratory infections,
12. Why an observant physician (Rehman), who gave high doses of vitamin D to children who were constantly sick from colds and the flu, found the treated children were suddenly free from infection,
13. Why the elderly are so much more likely to die from heart attacks in the winter rather than in the summer,
14. Why African Americans, with their low vitamin D blood levels, are more likely to die from influenza and pneumonia than Whites are.”

Centers for Disease Control
From the CDC Site::
2. Vitamin D Deficiency and Tuberculosis Progression
Najeeha Talat et al.
The association between vitamin D and tuberculosis (TB) has long been known. Specifically, in TB patients, low levels of vitamin D are associated with the activation of the disease. But what about in those who are healthy? A study of people in Pakistan who were healthy but in close contact with TB patients found a similar  association. Those with low levels of vitamin D, especially women, were five times more likely to get tuberculosis. Thus, low levels of vitamin D may be a risk factor for tuberculosis. However, the value of vitamin D supplements for preventing TB infection is still unknown.
Contact Dr. Rabia Hussain via:
Hassaan Akhter
Aga Khan University, Karachi, Pakistan

The next three sites are personal opinions of the authors, but they do contain some great points about the use of vitamin D.   I am not sure of the validity of some of the studies they cite, as I have not read those studies myself and they give no link to the source.  I did read the Japanese study somewhere else, but it has been a couple of years ago and I am not sure that is the same study the author of the first site is quoting.

Vitamin D for Flu Prevention
Immune System Health
Lew Rockwell Blog

The chart below shows common causes of Vitamin D Deficiency on the left and Consequences on the right.

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