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Hike To Health : Days 1-14 Dinner Plan





WELCOME to The Crunchy Trail : Hike to Health! We are glad you are here to join us.  If  you are ready for the next step, here is a 14 meal dinner plan and shopping list.

ALL posts on this blog may contain affiliate links or links to my direct sales websites. This is because there is a monthly fee to run this blog and it costs time to keep it going. You are not required to click on any links, but if you do THANK YOU!! You are helping to support my blogging habit.

What are we having for dinner that is delicious and healthy?  How are we Hiking to Health?  Simple: One meal at a time.  Here is our dinner plan.

In this post I wanted to include a full 2 weeks worth of quick, simple, dinner ideas.

You can also see the full shopping list and recipes that are updated daily HERE in the GOOGLE Documents. This document will continue to be updated throughout the challenge period.

Don’t forget those hashtags so I can see what you are up to and how you are Hiking to Health!   #CrunchyTrail #HiketoHealth

Remember, this is just what we are doing, you can do whatever you need to make you healthier.  These are just suggestions and what we have planned.  I hope by posting them I can help make it easier for others get healthy too.  Every single healthy step you take counts, no matter how small.

I will also post recipes in other posts then add links as I post them. 🙂  ENJOY THE HIKE!!




The Crunchy Trail : Hike to Health
  Cookbook & Page Dinner
Day One Pampered Chef  Casual Cooking 92 Easy Risotto W/ Pork & Peas
Day Two Trim Healthy Mama 162 Ranch Chicken Legs
Day Three The Crunch Trail Kitchen Tacos
Day Four Trim Healthy Mama 155 Turkey Mini Meatloaf
Day Five Trim Healthy Mama 53 Slow Fajitas
Day Six Trim Healthy Mama 80 Crispy Salmon
Day Seven Pampered Chef Rock Crock Mexican Pork Stew
Day Eight Trim Healthy Mama 37 White Chili
Day Nine Pampered Chef  Casual Cooking15 Rosemary Pork Chops
Day Ten Trim Healthy Mama 43 BBQ
Day Eleven Pampered Chef  Casual Cooking84 Ckn Pasta Toss
Day Twelve Trim Healthy Mama 174 Salisbury Steaks
Day Thirteen Trim Healthy Mama 61 Sweedish Meatballs
Day Fourteen THM 90 Ckn Jalapeno Popper Soup




Condiments Bread Dry Goods Canned
Black Pepper Sprouted Grain or Gluten Free Basmati Rice Black Beans or Dry
Mayonaise GF Wraps or make your own White Beans White Beans or Dry
Garlic Powder Black Beans Diced Tomatoes
Minced Onion Quinoa Diced tomatoes W/green chilis
Sea Salt Gluten Free Pasta Tomato Paste
Parsley Pineapple Chunks in Natural Juice
Cumin beef broth
Chili Powder Frozen Other
Paprika Peas Chicken Broth
Salsa Corn Hot Sauce
Cayenne Pepper Coconut Oil
Sessame Seeds Olive Oil
Salsa Nutritional Yeast
Montreal Steak Seasoning Gluten Free Baking Mix
Apple Cider Vinegar
Raw Local Honey
Worechestershire Meat Dairy Produce
Italian Seasoning Chicken Breasts Grated Parmesean Onion III
Bacon Plain Greek Yogurt Garlic Bulb
Drumsticks Eggs Celery
Ground Beef Butter Jalapeno Peppers II
Ground Turkey Sweet Peppers III
Fajita Meat (your choice) Yelllow Squash
Salmon Tomatillos or Grape Tomatoes
Pork (to cube) avocados
Pork Chops cilantro
Ckn or Pork to shred mushrooms
Tip: Tip: Tip: Tip:
Look at the recipes first: Some items are optional and some are used in more than one recipe Read the labels: No sugar, no white flour, no preservatives, no chemicals, no hormones, etc. Sub where you need to. Buy frozen instead of fresh veggies, buy canned beans instead of dry or vice versa. This list is NOT set in stone, alter it to fit your family and your budget.
Tip: Tip:
If you are Dairy Free, use ghee, coconut oil, etc instead of butter, and sub other non-dairy alternative. This collection is light on dairy You do NOT have to do Gluten Free. The challenge is to avoid SUGAR and PROCESSED foods. Flour is highly processed.


There you have it.  Everything you need to make the first 14 dinners if you desire.  I’ll get the recipes posted as we go along.

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As Always: ALL posts on this blog may or may not contain affiliate links or links to my direct sales websites.  This is because there is a monthly fee to run this blog and it costs time to keep it going.  You are not required to click on any links, but if you do THANK YOU!!  You are helping to support my blogging habit.  (I would say my family but so far I haven’t even made enough to pay 1 month of blogging fees.)  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to use my links or pass them along to friends.  All help is greatly appreciated.