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Greens: Southern style greens even the kids will love


GREENS that KIDS LOVE!!Real Food Recipes


GreensThis is by far one of the easiest recipes .  I know, I know.. YUCK!!  However these are not like the slimy bitter greens you are use to.  My family does not like greens, my hubby has never liked greens, UNTIL I started making them like this.

There are a couple of tricks to getting them right.
#1 use fresh greens, frozen or canned but make sure they are NOT already seasoned.  The ONLY ingredients should be greens, (whichever type you like) water, salt, or just raw fresh greens
#2 Use a mix of. I use Spinach, Kale, Mustard, Turnip, & Collards (these are easy to find with nothing added in the canned food section, produce section or the frozen food section)
#3 If using fresh greens do NOT over cook them in the blanching step.
#4 You MUST cook them until they are “dry”.  Not crunchy dry, not crispy dry, just not slimy. 🙂

  *Greens (your choice a variety works best) I used Kale, Collard, Mustard, & Turnip for this batch (a mix of fresh and canned) You will need more than you think, they cook down a lot. I used 4 cans and a plastic grocery sack full of fresh Kale.
  *Vinegar (about a tablespoon full for a large batch of greens)
  *4 or 5 pieces of nitrate free, preservative free bacon)
  *Bacon grease from the bacon. (Fry it in a pan on the stove top to get the most grease)
  *Pepper flakes
  *Honey or Molasses
  *Cayenne Pepper
  *Garlic Cloves or minced garlic
  *Diced sweet pepper (red or orange work best)

Prep:  Dice onions, garlic, and sweet peppers.  (about 1/2 an onion, 1 pepper, and 1 clove of garlic work for my large batch of greens)
If using fresh   “look” your greens while bringing a pot of water to a boil.  To “look” you place them in a sink full of water, clean them off, get the bugs, dirt, and bad spots out, and pull the stems off.
*Place in water and boil for about 8 to 10 minutes, until they are bright green and a little tender.
**(Start here if using canned greens:)
*Fry your bacon in an iron skillet, remove the bacon and leave the grease in the skillet.
*Drain the greens (canned or fresh)  *****I have saved the “green” water from fresh greens and made everyone take a tablespoon or two a day for a few days just to get the good green juice in them. Totally optional.
*While they are draining heat bacon grease in the iron skillet,  add diced onion, peppers and garlic to the hot bacon grease and saute. 
*Toss in well drained greens
*Keep skillet on high, add in vinegar, salt, pepper, pepper flakes, 2 tablespoons of honey or molasses, and juice from pickled peppers if you have it.  (this all depends on how salty & spicy you like your greens)
*Stay close and keep stirring and flipping, mixing all flavors well.
*Cook until they are basically “dry” .  As they cook in the skillet water will come out and they will look like they are boiling, just keep cooking until the water is mostly gone.  Taste test, add more salt, honey, etc to make them PERFECT!!
*Greens are done when they have very little juice left in the skillet with them, are tender, moist  but still a bit firm, not slimy or crispy.

********NOT SLIMY, NOT BITTER, NOT GROSS!!  Full of vitamins and iron, my kids LOVE greens now.*********







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