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Hike to Health : 120 Day Challenge & Give Away



ALL posts on this blog may contain affiliate links or links to my direct sales websites. This is because there is a monthly fee to run this blog and it costs time to keep it going. You are not required to click on any links, but if you do THANK YOU!! You are helping to support my blogging habit.

HEY EVERYONE!!  We are doing it. We are going to Hike to Health. Instead of me rambling, posting sporadically, and things being rather random around this blog we are going to be purposeful and organized (or at least try).

I am asking you to join myself and my family as we ” Hike To Health ” for 120 days.  You can join us for 1 day, 1 meal or all 120. You can decide to only change one thing or change your entire life. You are in control. EVERY little step on the hike leads you one step closer to the summit of health and healthy living.

What we are doing:

  1. Eliminating ALL white sugar, all refined sugars.  Anything sweet will be in moderation and will be sweetened with honey, molasses, or stevia.
  2. Eliminating ALL white flour and processed grains. We will still use limited whole sprouted grains like  Ezekial Bread but only in limited quantities.

  3. Eliminating ALL chemicals, preservatives, and additives.  We will read the labels on all foods and only buy those preserved with lemon juice, citric acid (not great but not as bad) or salt.  Or we will use fresh, canned or frozen with no added ingredients. Read my earlier post  Food Additives for more information. Crunchy Mom

  4. Have quick, easy, family friendly meals.

  5. Exercise in some form daily.  Even if it is just a few jumping jacks between chapters of school work.

  6. Try to incorporate as many Paleo dishes as possible.

  7. Give ideas and articles on nutritional deficiencies, supplements, and herbal remedies for common ailments.

  8. Post videos and photos where I demonstrate the recipes, foods, herbal remedies, exercises and de-cluttering.

  9. De-clutter my house, thus de-cluttering my mind and de-stressing my life.  (As we learned in these posts about “Stress: Responding Better“, “1o Steps to Happiness” &  “Natural Stress Relief” stress is one of the most unhealthy things we can have in our lives.

  10. Attempt to detoxify our home and all the products we use.  This will include cleaning products, health and beauty products and anything else I come across that is toxic. I have already started using the Ava Anderson Non Toxic products and I LOVE them. However, we will be exploring other products too. I PROMISE this will not be a hike full of advertisements for Pampered Chef and Ava Anderson Non Toxic, however I will highlight the products I use from each company, as well as companies I am in no way affiliated with.

If you are interested in any of the products I am using you are welcome to contact me for more info.  No selling, I’ll only be talking about the products I actually use and then only in passing. 😀  I joined Pampered Chef and Ava Anderson Non Toxic because I love their products and it helps me to keep this blog and my home running.  This blog has a monthly fee associated with it and most months I don’t make enough to pay it. So if you don’t mind and want to order something, use my links and help support my mission to educate others about real food, toxins, and natural health. 


What YOU will do: 


  1. WHATEVER MAKES YOU HAPPY!!  Follow along, participate as much or as little as you want, or simply watch and learn.
  2. Keep me accountable.


What I will do for those who are hiking with us:


  1. Post two weeks worth of meal plans with a shopping list and which recipe book each meal comes from.  For the majority of my new 120 dinner meals I will be using the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook  RECIPES EDITED TO BE REAL FOOD RECIPES!!  (However we are NOT following their plan, so no need for the plan book unless you just want to adapt the recipes and use it) . The others come from my collection of Pampered Chef Cookbooks or my own kitchen.  The 1st Two Week Meal Plan is here and will be a continually added to and revised document as the challenge progresses.
  2. Post the recipes to the meal plan meals.  I may post 1 recipe a day, or if I know a busy time is coming up I will post a few recipes at a time. It all depends. I make no promises here, except that I will post recipes as we go along and as I plan to use them. These will ALWAYS be posted in my group “The Crunchy Trail” and I will do my best to post on “The Crunchy Trail Blog” daily also.

  3. Post what exercises we are doing. When we go on hikes or exciting adventures I will post links and information about that too.

  4. Pray daily for those hiking along with me.

  5. Interact daily with everyone hiking with us on my Facebook Group “The Crunchy Trail” PLEASE join us there even if you are only going to be observing.  I want to try to keep all information consolidated in one place and on the blog, but there will be MUCH MUCH more information and interaction there. You do NOT have to be “Crunchy” to be there.  It is a friendly place with all levels of Crunchy.

  6. Answer questions about health, herbs, and real food



What I would LOVE for my readers to do for me: 

  1. Interact:  Comment on the blog, post on the group page.  SHARE SHARE SHARE what you are doing with us.  No matter how small you think it is, it is  a step that maybe someone else hasn’t take yet.  So SHARE away.  Did you do 10 jumping jacks today?  TELL US!!  Did you cook 3 home-cooked meals with all real foods? TELL US!!  Did you manage to get out of bed and brush your teeth before noon?  TELL US!! Brag on yourself.
  2. Share your pictures, stories, and life. I want to build a fun and working group with everyone from every level.  If it was healthy and you did it. SHARE IT!!
  3. Hashtag it.  I want others to know what we are doing. So when you post on social media, twitter, instagram, ANYWHERE ;  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE use the hashtags #CrunchyTrail and #HikeToHealth  .
  4. SHARE! SHARE! SHARE!  Share this post, share the group link, encourage friends and family to #HikeToHealth with us.
  5. Enter the drawing below for a chance to win the Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook. One winner will be have a beautiful, full color, hard copy on hand to use while participating in our “Hike to Health”.  Don’t forget to enter and share.


That’s it.  Share, share, share.  Let’s get healthy together.  Don’t forget those hashtags #CrunchyTrail & #HikeToHealth and tag me in your food photos, meal plans, exercise accomplishments, detoxifying of your home and de-cluttering.  Hike to Health with The Crunchy Trail.


Meal Plan & Shopping List


    This blog may contain affiliate links.  This blog is paid for by Kiser Ridge Farm and it takes quite a bit to keep it running.  As of January 2016 this blog  has NOT paid for itself. EVER. However affiliate links do make it a bit more manageable. THANK you for using my links and purchasing products from my stores. LOVE, Heather        

As Always: ALL posts on this blog may or may not contain affiliate links or links to my direct sales websites.  This is because there is a monthly fee to run this blog and it costs time to keep it going.  You are not required to click on any links, but if you do THANK YOU!!  You are helping to support my blogging habit.  (I would say my family but so far I haven’t even made enough to pay 1 month of blogging fees.)  Thanks for stopping by and feel free to use my links or pass them along to friends.  All help is greatly appreciated. 


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  3. Sounds good. I may try to pop in & join as I can. I’ve already implemented a lot of these things but there’s always room for improvement.

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