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Organic Voxbox

A couple of weeks ago I received a “voxbox” from Influenster  .  Voxboxes are boxes that contain samples from companies for people to review.  The process is simple, make a profile at Influenster , rate and review items you already use, fill out surveys, share things on social media, answer questions, receive free samples. πŸ™‚  They give out hundreds of thousands of samples each month so you will get a voxbox when you fit the criteria they are looking for.  Once you receive samples there will be different things to do to add points to your profile so that you can receive future voxboxes.  This is great for bloggers and moms alike.  Free samples, review practice, company contact for future reviews, etc.

This round I received an Apple & Eve Organic Voxbox.  THIS IS GREAT when you are a “Crunchy Blogger”.  So I did my first video review: Here is the video and the unboxing so you can see what I received. πŸ˜€ Please forgive my nervousness this was my first video. I HATE my voice and I am not real sure about talking to myself. LOL




We tried all the products.  I should say sweet Jude tried all the products; he did share a bit with his older siblings. He won the tester position, by unanimous vote based on absolute cuteness.
So in our box we received 3 Quenchers  and 1 large carton of Organic Apple Juice all from Apple & Eve Organics.  Here is what we think. πŸ™‚

First impression:

  • GREAT packaging, environmentally friendly for a carry around on the go kid’s drink.  I am not sure what all of their packaging is like, but the trial we were sent was packaged in sturdy cardboard type containers with very limited plastics.
  • GREAT ingredients.  Every ingredient was natural and organic, no sugars, no dyes, no preservatives, only fresh natural ingredient. This is my passion, this is my life, this is what I preach, so I was very pleased to find that they are what they say they are.  To learn more about ingredients and labels start here at “The Crunchy Trail” you can learn more about Food Additives too.
  • The Jude Approves:  This is the REAL test- what do the kiddos think?  As parents we all know that it doesn’t matter how great it is, if the kiddos don’t love it we will either be fighting or throwing it out.  Well it passed the taste test here.  After “The Jude” tried it, he shared a drink with 4 of his other 5 siblings, and all 4 of them, ages 18 to 9 approved also. The 5th sibling is currently on a strict Mommy Milk diet.   πŸ™‚
  • It was over a week before we actually  had room in the fridge for the Organic Apple Juice, but once we did I threw it in there.  I change up brands a lot so the kids never know what they will find, they just know we always have apple juice in the fridge.  Not knowing that this was a product we were testing, the 15 year old opened the juice, poured it for his after football practice meal, took a few sips and then made a special trip all the way to my room just to tell me I should buy that brand more often because it tasted EXACTLY like an apple. This in turn prompted everyone in the house to sample his juice. #spreadthegerms #buildstheimmunesystem #manysiblings The consensus was that this juice was the best apple juice we had ever tasted and it does taste exactly like a fresh, cold, crisp apple.So that’s it in a nutshell.  We LOVED the juices from Apple & Eve Organics!!  We had found their Mango Juice before at Costco or Sam’s and it was great.  Now we have tried many of their juices and I think we have found the perfect “Crunchy” match.   The prices are right, if they are any more expensive than other brands it is only by a few pennies.  This is a place where parents can make an affordable more healthy choice.As usual, I sign off saying.  READ YOUR LABELS!!  Look for NO preservatives, NO dyes, NO Chemicals, NO High Fructose Corn Syrup, and NO ingredients you can’t pronounce first, THEN look for ORGANIC where you can, THEN look for NON-GMO.  Buy Natural, Organic, Non-GMO every chance you get and can afford and make the healthiest choices.  Remember what you buy drives what is produced and marketed, the more of us buying natural, organic, non-gmo foods, the more they will be forced to produce and the lower the prices will go.  SUPPLY & DEMAND!!Love,

#quenchersadventures  #appleandeve  #purelyorganics

Disclaimer:  I received these products free, in exchange for my video unboxing, the review is my own doing and not required for my continued participation.

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